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12 Ways to Tell Your Cat You Love Them in a Language They Understand

you absolutely love your cat and you’re not afraid to show it but all the toys comfy beds and treats can’t let your pet know just how special they are to you in this article we’ll show you 12 ways to tell your cat you love them in a language they’re sure to understand

number one slow I blink

 slowly blinking your eyes at your cat is akin to the human kiss cats show affection by looking at someone and slowly closing their eyes and opening them again get to eye level with your cat and do the same thing meet their gaze and blink back they will know you love them too animal experts use this technique to calm fearful cats

number twe send mingling

 when a cat rubs against you it is a true sign that you are their person cats have scent glands in their cheeks and head when they rub against you they are claiming you as their own by leaving their scent on you if your kitty shows this kind of affection you are truly family show them the same affection by leaning in to them and don’t move away as they are wandering in and around your legs if you would like to initiate the affection reach your finger out toward their nose and let them rub their cheeks along your hand they will know that this is a sign of acceptance and love

number three massage your cat

 the same way humans love a good massage so does a cat petting your cat from head to tail not only feels good but it can also lower blood pressure in your pet pay attention so you can learn what your cat likes best do they like more pressure at the base of their tail maybe they prefer to be rubbed under the cheeks an added benefit of an all-over massage is that you can detect some of the health problems your cat may have you will be able to find matted fur or any lump bumps or sores that may need attention

number four let them lick you

 cats lick themselves to keep themselves clean oftentimes they lick you to reassure you that they love you back consider a cat’s lick as the equivalent to a human’s hugg let them lick you and don’t move away you will disappoint them immensely

number five vocal cues

 cats have special meows coos or trills that they use with humans they are close to if you imitate their sounds they will understand it as a display of affection this also helps them feel safe secure and loved you might think you sound like a crazy cat lady talking to your pet alone but your cat won’t think so

number six interactive play

¬†cats are predators but they don’t get to use their instincts when they’re at your home providing your cat with interactive play toys allows them to exercise their predatory nature interactive games are also good for shy cats who need to build confidence and overactive cats who need stimulation and exercise some cats like puzzle toys that you can hide treats in because it lets them use their brain their teeth and their nose cats are also delighted with cat chimps that have climbing clawing and hiding opportunities

number seven several beds

 cats love sleeping providing places to sleep let your cat know that you care about their comfort and happiness having a few beds in different places will let your cat know that your space is her space they can choose to be around people or choose a bed in a quiet place if they want to be left alone many cats like to be high up so consider a tall cat tree with a roomy bed on top

number eight hiding spot

 cats feel safe when they can hide in an enclosed space from there you can’t can observe and decide if they are comfortable enough to come out or not have cardboard boxes and cat caves available so that your cat can have alone time when needed this will show them that you understand their needs and that you love them

number nine personal space

 cats are territorial creatures they don’t like to be smothered with affection make sure you provide them with all the personal space they want after all if you wanted a constant companion that followed you everywhere in your home you would have adopted a dog

number ten grooming

 cats are extremely clean animals and they devote a large portion of their day for self grooming they love to groom themselves but they also like to be pampered by a human they trust and love you can brush your cat gently or just pet them a deshedding brush or comb helps to keep your cat looking and feeling great it can also help to keep the firm mat free and reduce hair balls by removing excess fur grooming your cat is similar to the massage and that it is relaxing and gives you bonding time

number eleven healthy foods and treats

 though cats will eat just about anything it is your job as the owner to ensure she remains healthy pay attention to your cat’s preferences they may prefer one flavor over another and will love you more when you feed them what they want treats help your cat to exercise both their brain and their body which is important for a long and healthy life

number twelve scratching post

 cats scratch to stay both physically and mentally healthy scratching is a way to mark their territory to exercise and to experience pleasure cats need something other than your furniture to scratch some materials like sisal fabric is key to a cat’s happiness as it feels like tree bark to a cat


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