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16 Cats Crashing All the Zoom Chats

We requested that Cuteness perusers show us their kitties dropping in on Zoom talks and, indeed, they didn’t frustrate.

Gathered underneath are interested felines bursting in on and upsetting virtual meet-ups and looking pretty darn substance with themselves for getting it done. No second thoughts, amirite or amirite?

1. “Siri, how I open Zoom when I can’t arrive at the console?”

coomeet  kitten norwegian forest cat

2. “Can affirm this is 100 percent precise”

meow  321sexchat  american shorthair


3. “My Roland either stands directly before the PC or…

chatzy  cat litter  cat years to human years


…attempts to eat it”


4. “What occurs in the event that I don’t keep him out of the room”

5. “Rather than getting in front, mine would hang out behind the screen and be senseless.”

6. My associate insightfully got a screen capture existing apart from everything else he arrived on my lap

7. “Scout assists me with showing each and every class and she never misses a gathering.”

8. “My significant other was on a global conference when our feline howled. The entire gathering halted when everybody needed to see the feline.”

9. “She wasn’t dazzled when I let them know the PC was not really for rests. Kindly note the excellent scratch post behind the scenes that the two felines won’t utilize, in light of the fact that definitely felines are jerks (and we love them as a result of it)”

10. “Mine loves Zoom gatherings! The cone didn’t dial her back the slightest bit. Fortunately she doesn’t need to wear it any longer.”

11. “Miles is generally on camera”

12. “Real taking inquiries after today’s show.”

13. “Olive generally shows up in my TEAMS calls and I need to keep it on quiet as she howls to individuals talking”

14. “Where have you been? The gathering is as of now in progress.”

15. “First thing I saw Monday morning when I signed into my group meeting.”

16. “Returned from the kitchen to see this as”


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