there are so many people out there today who decide that they want to get a cat as the family pet without actually doing the necessary research first this leads to a huge amount of new cat owners making these common mistakes which you are going to want to avoid if you’re getting a cat

Number one – letting the cat play outside

 now it is fair to say that some cats come from the wild so it is their natural environment to be outside however cats have become extremely domesticated these days and if your cat is not from the streets then letting it play outside can be quite dangerous as well as a number of potential diseases your cat could catch there is also the danger of other bigger animals as well as Street cats

Number two – no tag for your cat

 with that said some cats want to be outside and they will cry to be let out so it can sometimes feel unfair to keep them locked locked up indoors all day so if you’re going to let your cat play outside it’s important that you make sure that you get it tagged even if you don’t intend to let your cat play outside it’s still a good idea to get it tagged as there is always the possibility that it could get out and you’ll never see it again tag your cat

Number three – no pet insurance

 there have been a lot of pet owners who have come to regret this decision over the years when it comes to looking at pet insurance for your cat you might think that it is an unnecessary expense and decide against getting any however if your cat was to become injured or ill in any way you are going to find that the vet bills are a lot more expensive than your pet insurance would have been so make sure to insure your cat

  Number four – wrong cat flea ointments

 if you have a cat and you believe that it has fleas the best thing to do is to take it to your vet it might seem like a silly thing to take your cat to the vet for especially with the amount of different hats lien mints that are on the market today those flea invents all come with various ingredients some of which your cat might be allergic to you won’t know unless you take it to the vet first don’t harm your cat by giving it the wrong flea aunt meant

 Number five – not getting your cat neutered or spayed

 the cat population is already huge and it continues to grow all the time which is not surprising when you consider the amount of kittens you can get in a cat litter meanwhile if you don’t get your cat neutered or spayed then you are likely to find that the male cats can become much more aggressive while the female cats will make a crying sound when in heat get your cat neutered to prevent this and to keep the cat population from exploding

 Number six – dirty litter box

 you might think that a cat litter box or a cat litter tray is there for them to do their business in so it is fine for it to be dirty after all what is the point of keeping it clean if they will just dirty it again right no a cat is a very clean animal and will refuse to do business in a dirty litter box if you fail to keep that litter box clean then you will likely find that your cat will do its business elsewhere in the house

Number seven – vet visits

 a lot of cat owners assume that they only really need to take their cat to the vet when it is injured or ill but this is not the case at all it is important that you take your cat for regular check-ups with the vet to keep on top of any vaccinations it will need as well as making sure that your cat is happy and healthy don’t wait for your cat to get ill to take it to the vet prevent it from getting ill by taking it to the vet


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