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Angry Stray Cat Comes to Woman’s Window Every Day and Gets Himself a New Mom

Anastasia Sutcliff lives in Sheffield, England, and had always noticed that there are a lot of stray cats in her area.

Then one day she spotted a tabby cat that was hanging around under her window, he was very hissy and wouldn’t allow her to touch him.

But she was a kind person and put food out for him even though he always appeared to be angry. This continued on a daily basis and she realised that he was spending the night under her window.

Despite his angry demeanour, Anastasia grew very fond of this kitty and decided to name him Tiger.

He was now a constant in her life and as he was always spending the night below her window she built him a little house so that he would be more comfortable.

It made her so happy when she opened her window the following morning and saw that Tiger was already installed in his new house. He knew that she had put it there for him. She gradually gained Tiger’s trust and was finally able to pet him. It was truly a happy moment for all.

Sadly, unbeknown to Anastasia, one of her neighbours had called animal control as there was a no pet policy in the building. It broke her heart to see what she now thought of as her cat being taken away in a cage.

But that isn’t the end to their story, after speaking with animal control she discovered that Tiger was living in a foster home and she was allowed to visit him whenever she wanted.

It was possible for Anastasia to adopt Tiger but because of her building’s no pet policy the process was very distressing. Then she posted a video with her story on social media and it touched the hearts of all that saw it.

Eventually the owners of the building changed their mind and allowed Tiger to become part of Anastasia’s life once again. Tears flowed and now Tiger lives full time with the only human that showed him nothing but love.

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