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Help your cat beat the heat

you realize the exercise: the solar is blinding, beating relentlessly like something from an ancient western movie. if you don’t have air conditioning you look for shady spots and sigh remedy at the slightest breeze, otherwise you snuggle inside. If you live too long in the sun, you could experience dizziness, heart palpitations, and a high internal temperature – all signs of heat exhaustion.

Remember this: before you reach this factor, your cat may also exhibit signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion to heat or heat stroke. Even if heat stroke is most often mentioned in puppies, because of the propensity of humans to leave them in parked cars, cats can also be affected.

how to help your cat avoid heatstroke

you can help your cat live to tell the story of an extremely hot climate in keeping the inside in a groovy interior room. Rubbing it with a damp towel will help; it will be the same for the immersion of his feet in a bath of cold water. Wrap a cold compress under the cat’s neck can also help to cool off. It can also fight at first, but the most probably admire once he gets used to the concept. Try to wrap a plastic bag of frozen peas in a towel and place them in their bed for a cool place to lie down. The peas will reorganize to fit its contours and it will have a “personalized spa” for cooling.

provide fresh and clean water

The most excellent water bowl is an automatic water dispenser. there are a variety of them on the market, but after testing a lot over the years i time it back and again to my favorite, the fountain platinum pet drink i have 3 in my interior – one in the dining room, one in my bedroom and one in my son’s bedroom. As everyone who has ever dipped a toe in a mountain spring is aware, fresh, flowing remains of course fresh water.

In the absence of an automatic fountain, make sure your cat has several bowls of fresh water. It doesn’t hurt to drop an occasional dice of ice, not only to cool the water, but also to sting the kitten’s hobby to consume.

Unusually, cats struck by the heat outside may also refuse to drink water, which makes problems with dehydration worse, so you may also need to ‘strain’ the water through an account- drops or syringe. Be careful now not to splash water down her throat as it can enter her lungs and / or cause choking. Just pour a drop or two at a time in the corner of his mouth, so you can help him hydrate it and attract his hobby to ingest himself.

in case your cat exhibits any of the above symptoms that make you think she is suffering from heat exhaustion, cool her down as quickly as possible by immersing her in cold water and then wrapping it in damp towels. Then take him to the vet immediately. it is an extreme condition, possibly fatal.


White cats, or cats with white ears and faces, are particularly prone to sunburn. Over time, repeated exposure to the sun can cause squamous cell carcinoma, most cancers seen most often on the tips of the ears and nose. The first symptoms are a sore that does not heal or is bleeding. My own advent to mobile squamous cell carcinoma was with our beloved little white cat, Arthur, who died of it at age 18. because of her age, we had been reluctant to allow both surgery or chemotherapy, the two desire remedies, and she died about three months after being diagnosed.

White cats should be protected as much as possible from direct sunlight, and if they must be in the sun, you can help them avoid sunburn by using sunscreen on their ears and nose. Your vet can advise you on a good way to avoid being dangerous if swallowed.

Solar is a powerful giver of existence and nonetheless worshiped with the help of humans all over the world, but it is not usually your cat’s pleasant companion. Be aware of his condition on the sweltering days of the summer season, and if in any doubt, take him to the vet immediately. you are your cat’s first line of defense in the event of health problems.

Disclaimer: I am no longer a veterinarian. this article is designed to give you a starting point for doing your own studies so that you can make an informed choice, should it become necessary.


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