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How do you raise a cat?

So communicating with a pet was just a pleasure, it is worth taking care of its proper upbringing at the right time. How do you instill good manners in a cat? After all, the additional life not only of the animal itself, but also of everyone who lives with it in the same house depends on this.

The beginning of education

Best of all, kittens under the age of 6 months are the ones that teach ethics and behavior, while kittens learn most skills – good and bad – up to 3 months. But even at an older age, the pet can master the rules of a good figure. It can be educated, and the main thing in this will be to understand the peculiarities of the cat’s perception of the world.

As with young children, a kitten should be looked after, nurtured, fed, and surrounded by love. From the very first days of his appearance in the house, it is worth teaching him a certain rules of behavior. The animal must know what is allowed and what is not.

In the process of upbringing, it is important to remember the main rule – never punish, because he will not understand the relationship between punishment and his specific offense.

A cat’s memory is short-term, so after 8-10 seconds has already passed after committing this or that action, he simply won’t understand why you are upset.

Punishment will not solve the problem

Imagine for a moment: the cat went to the toilet next to the litter box, came home, saw him and punished him. Do you think you did everything right? But the pet thinks completely differently. He’s happy you’re back, running to meet, and you take his nose in a pool, and he’s even waving your hands and raising your voice. The animal will naturally admit that you are inappropriate, your behavior – unpredictable, and your world – fragile. As a result, the cat will begin to more actively defend its territory by tagging. And you’ll get exactly the opposite result.

Any undesirable behavior of the animal at the time of the misconduct must be prevented. You can scare your cat with cotton or a spray bottle. Repeat these techniques until the pet is weaned off the bad behavior and understands what is wrong it is doing.

The rules must be followed

In the process of raising a kitten or an adult cat, remember that pets live according to the laws of wild society, not humans. They don’t understand that you are good today and you flirt with them, and tomorrow you are in a bad mood, and you are arranging for a debriefing.

When you ban something for your pet, you should never forgive it. House rules should work without exception. When a kitten bites your hands, grabs your legs, tears the skin to blood, you should not play with hands and feet, the next time the hunting instinct may work when you will not expect it. Animal teach that your hands are always cute and delicious food.

By following these simple rules, some problems with your pet can be avoided. The cat will quickly discover what is good and bad, and will bring peace of mind both to the house and to you – peace and tenderness.


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