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How to determine the sex of a cat?

When a newborn kitten appears in the house or the owner is just faced with choosing a pet, one of the most common questions is: Is it a boy or a girl? There are several methods in which you can determine the gender of your pet.

Professional approach

A veterinarian or professional breeder can provide competent advice in this matter. Experts will determine the gender of the kitten, even if the cat has just given birth.

Without the help of a specialist, you can find out the gender of the pet when it is a little older.


It is most convenient to do it when the kitten is 1 month old. Before starting the procedure, you need to make sure that the pet is not disturbed by anything. It is not recommended to separate it from food. If the cat breaks, you should leave it alone.

The examination is carried out as follows: the pet is placed on its stomach on a warm towel, with its tail high. Then visually assess the distance between the anus and the genitals. If they are close to each other and it looks like an “i” upside down, then it is a cat. If the distance between them is from 1 to 2 cm, and it looks like “:” – this is a cat.


The thumb and forefinger are closed and passed between the cat’s genitals and hole. If at the same time one feels as if two small pieces have a diameter of 3-5 mm.

If it is difficult to determine the gender, you can postpone the determination procedure for several weeks. When a cat is 2 months old, its genitals are already visually pronounced enough so that the owner can understand with absolute accuracy that his pet is.

Special features

A cat’s external features do not guarantee accurate gender identification, but they do provide some guidelines for this.

You can pay attention to the color of the animal. As a rule, cats are only tricolor, and red hair is more common in cats.

Knowing the gender of a pet in time is an important task. Often, the future owners of the pet make their choice in favor of buying a specific cat, based on this factor.


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