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How to train a cat to sleep?

When starting an animal, owners expect that it will stick to a routine at home, and they’d like to see observance of some rules even from such a freedom-loving creature as a cat.

Choose a sofa

You need to take into account that the place you spot for your cat in your home should be comfortable and fairly closed, and it should be easy to move from to both the food and the litter box. Naturally, he must like the cat.

Pet stores offer a large selection of cat beds, but they can conditionally be divided into three groups: enclosed homes, baskets, and hammocks. If the financial capabilities allow, then it is worth buying all the options and giving the animal the opportunity to choose the place where it will be most convenient for him to sleep. If there is no financial opportunity, then you need to carefully monitor the pet. If your child likes to sleep in soft open spaces (for example, on the sofa), then most likely he will not have anything opposite the basket. If the cat sleeps exclusively in secluded, dark places (under the bed, in a closet, in a box), then the house will most likely be more suitable for him. Hammocks are comfortable because they can be hung from the battery, which will please most cats.

When choosing a permanent place to sleep for your pet, consider his preferences. If the kitten fancies into the corner between the sofa and the window, then most likely, if there is a bed there, he will happily use it. It is also important to remember that in no case should the cat bed be placed on the aisle or in a place where there are constant drafts, as the cat is unlikely to sleep.

We got used to the sofa

After you bring a new home item, especially an object you hope will become your cat’s favorite resting place; introduce your pet with care. In no case should a cat be placed in a household or basket by force. This can scare or frighten him, and he will never want to sleep in your chosen bed.

The easiest way is to leave the basket, house, or hammock in a visible location and give the cat a chance to get to know it. To attract the attention of the pet, you can sprinkle the bed with a decoction of valerian or catnip. Cats love the scents of these plants and will likely accept the novelty favorably.


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