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MomTears Up When Groomer Tells Her One Of Her Pets Isn’t A Cat

Be Careful

He stepped back and said, “Ma’am, that’s not a cat.”. He continued, “I need you to do everything I say.”. 

As he took a few more steps back, holding up his clipboard to shield his face, his brows knitted in fury. You shouldn’t leave the room suddenly. Walk away slowly and close the door behind you. There’s no need to make sudden movements.” She ignored his warning, however.


Not A Cat

As it turned to her with fangs bared, the “cat” hissed and snarled on the vet’s table. Listen to me, Mrs. McKinley! That is not a cat!”

It hadn’t even occurred to her that what she was carrying wasn’t a cat. When that thought popped into her head, she immediately ignored it. Her whole town was at risk now.



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