Home cats Shelter cat waves at visitors hoping someone would adopt him

Shelter cat waves at visitors hoping someone would adopt him

Despite being a sweetheart, this 2-year-old friendly cat is still looking for a forever home. It it the second time in less than six months when Mayhem waits for a loving family to adopt him. Resident of the Lollypop Farm – an animal welfare organization in Fairport, New York, the ginger fur ball hopes someone will eventually take him home.

shelter cat adoption

“He first arrived at Lollypop Farm in early June after he was abandoned by his owner,” Lollypop Farm told Love Meow. “He went up for adoption, but sadly came back to the shelter when his new home just wasn’t the right fit.”

shelter cat near me

shelter cat near me

And just to prove everyone, his friendly nature, Mayhem waves at every visitor at the shelter. Actually, even when volunteers at the shelter are passing by his kennel, the handsome cat jumps on the door and acts like he’s begging them to come and play with him. Therefore, everyone at the center showers him with lots of cuddles and obviously plenty of stuffed toys. Mayhem is a very energetic little fella, so they had to keep him busy all day long.

Since he’s always open and affectionate to any human being that crosses next to his enclosure, the shelter knows that someone will eventually fell in love with him and adopt him, because Mayhem has so much more to offer.

“Mayhem has a lot of energy,” Lollypop Farm shared. “He may not be the right kind of cat for just anyone, but we know that there is a cat lover out there who is looking for a sassy cat just like he is.This handsome cat will surely find just the right home.”


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