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The most silent cat breeds

If you are a fan of silence and do not want your pet to “chat” much, then you should pay attention to this selection of the calmest and silent cat breeds. They definitely won’t bother you with their conversations.

Persian cat

Persians rarely vote. If the pet needs something from the owner, he will silently look into his eyes. They are very calm and reserved cats. They are not very intrusive and enjoy spending time relaxing, somewhere in the warmth.

The Himalayan cat

Actually, this is the same Persian, just a different color. Therefore, the character of Himalayan cats is also similar to the Scaled Persian. Silence and peace in your home are guaranteed.

Exotic shorthair

Another similar breed to the Persian, It is true that these cats are more active and active, but at the same time they are not talkative. They are very loyal and love attention, but they will not impose themselves on the owner.

British short hair

This is the most popular cat breed in Russia. And not in vain! The British are beautiful, calm, aristocratic and silent. These independent cats are perfect pets for lovers of silence.

Scottish lop-eared

The Scots, like the British, are intelligent and calm. They are very attached to one master and do not tolerate loneliness.


They are active, playful cats that bond with their families and get along well with other pets. They are in good health and do not require any complicated care.


These cats are true phlegm. They have a gentle, kind and calm character. They will not speak this way; they prefer to communicate with their owner in a “half-whisper”.


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