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The weirdest behaviors of your cat, explained


Having a cat as a personal companion can be a very rewarding experience for some people. But cats have many unusual and quirky personality traits. Have you ever wondered why your cat always heads people? Or why do they have to push your water bottle away from the kitchen counter all the time?

Cats do strange things that we try to figure out in our heads. But we no longer have to justify why they run around the house at three in the morning! Here are the real explanations of some of the strangest behaviors of our feline friends.

1 Headbutt or rub is their way of saying hello

You may have noticed that whenever you are near a cat it has a tendency to bump against your legs, face, arms, or just about any available surface on your body. This whim doesn’t mean they want to start a fight, however. It is in fact quite the opposite!

Knocking is a gesture, indicating that the cat trusts you and feels safe around you. It’s their way of saying hello! Additionally, when they rub against something, it transfers pheromones from their body, marking the person or object as safe and trustworthy. Experts in feline behavior have called this action “bunting”.

2 Communicating with their eyes doesn’t mean they care about you … but it could

When a cat looks at you, more often than not they are trying to get your attention. But you have to pay attention to the different types of looks. If a cat is staring at you very intensely, it may be an act of aggression and it is best not to look back. You don’t want a cat to jump in your face!

On the other hand, when a cat looks at you for a long period of time and then slowly blinks, this is their way of showing affection. But that doesn’t mean you should go get the cat!

3 Lying down on your stuff means they want attention

Do you know that feeling when you are working on something very important on your computer and your cat comes and drops right on the keyboard? We’re here to tell you that there’s a reason your cat intentionally “no” wants to write paragraph after paragraph of gibberish on your final essay.

Your cat takes care of you because he sees that you are paying more attention to something that isn’t him. They want this attention so that they get between you and the object you are using! It’s also territorial, which means they’ll rub their scent on your stuff so other cats will know who you belong to.

4 If your cat ignores you, don’t take it personally

Cats are too intelligent for their own good; science has proven it. They know their names and their master’s voice, but unlike their canine counterparts, they tend not to respond. This personality trait is in part due to the fact that cats will tend to show affection only on their terms.

It’s not because they can’t hear you, it’s that they choose not to respond because they aren’t interested in seeing you yet. Don’t take it personally, it’s not out of spite or because they don’t like you. Your kitten will come when she feels the need to seek affection or play.

5 Kneading you with their paws is a good thing

When kittens are born, one of their first instincts is to push on their mother’s mammary glands to stimulate her to produce more milk. Pretty much it’s a survival tactic. This kneading movement stays with cats throughout their lives, not leaving their memory even years after they stop breastfeeding their mothers.

Adult cats tend to make the move when they associate a soft surface, or your body, with their mother’s. Many cat behavior specialists believe they knead when they feel happy and satisfied with where they are, or when they feel the need to relieve stress.

6 Sniffing your face doesn’t mean they want to bite you

Cats are suspicious by nature. So if all of a sudden your cat is in your face, sniffing your mouth, nose, hair, and skin, don’t worry too much. Yes, it feels weird for an animal to be in your personal bubble just to sniff you out, but that’s because it absorbs your unique scent.

Your face is an ideal place for a cat to breathe pleasantly your natural aroma. They want to make sure that you are still you and not an impostor they don’t trust. Because, you know, someone’s not going to take your whole face and become you.

7 Skating on their water is an instinct

One of the common myths surrounding cats is that they don’t like water. This is not necessarily true for all cats. Some really like water, and if you see a cat pawing in their water bowl, it probably means they’re just playing around a bit.

However, other cats prefer to drink cool water on the move, and when they splash their bowl, this is their way of aerating the water … almost as if they are trying to give it the bubbling effect of water. ‘a natural spring or even fresh tap water. So this behavior tells us that cats would be pretty much those people ordering bottled water in restaurants.

8 Chewing on things could mean they’re stressed out

Don’t be concerned if you catch your kitten chewing on something that is not food or a toy. The act can be a sign of a condition called pica. Unfortunately, even expert feline behaviorists don’t know exactly what causes pica. They believe that there could be a link with nutritional problems, or that it can be caused by stress and anxiety.

If you see your cat starting to chew on things, just be sure to keep an eye out for them as this can be bad for your cat’s digestive system. If they continue to chew on non-food items, you may want to consider taking them to the vet.

9 Chattering teeth is not bad for them

If you’ve ever heard your cat chatter when he sees a bird outside, don’t worry. This does not mean that they have a toothache and that they do not grind their teeth. While experts aren’t sure exactly why cats make fast, loud sounds, they have some theories.

Some think that cats make this noise out of frustration, because although they can see the other animal outside, they cannot reach it through the window. Others think it has to do with their natural instinct to warm up their jaw muscles to prepare to hunt their prey.

10 Sticking their butt in your face is a compliment

If you’ve ever been around a cat, you know they have a tendency to lift their tail and give you a full view of their behind. We’re here to tell you that while this might not be the best view in the house, it’s one you should take as a compliment.

Cats that lift their tails and stick their hindquarters to you should be seen as a sign of confidence and affection. When they throw up their tails, it’s their way of being friendly and opening up to you – take it as a compliment!

11 Rolling on the floor can mean several things

Cats lie down and roll onto their backs for different reasons. However, there is one main factor that will have a cat on its back. They only turn around when they feel comfortable because showing their stomachs is a sign of vulnerability.

The movement may just be a way to scratch your back and stretch your muscles, or it may be an attempt to play and get your attention to participate in a game. The last reason could be that they mark their territory, roll and transfer their scent to the ground.

12 Crying at night is the result of having no prey to hunt

If you own a cat, you know that they tend to be awake and active at the most inconvenient time – when you are trying to sleep. This excess energy can then cause them to run around the house and moan.

These calls may be related to the cat trying to grab prey in the house or, if there is nothing to be found, it may be screaming in frustration. If these calls bother you, specialists recommend playing with your cat during the day to tire him out, in the hope that he will be less active at night.