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These Halloween Cat Costumes Will Make You Smile

Cats in Halloween costumes are adorable. From lobster outfits to a scuba cat that’s ready to go diving for its own fish, we can’t get enough of these adorable outfits. Many of these cat costumes can be put together on your own — while others are available for purchase online. Even if you’re not a cat fan, it’s hard to deny that the Panda cat hasn’t won over your heart or that the Yoda outfit is anything short of amazing.

From vampire cats and sea creatures to fairytale reenactments and superhero costumes, we can’t decide which Halloween outfits we love the most.

Joker And Batman Cat

If you have multiple cats you can purchase Batman and Joker costumes and then pit them against each other in a battle of epic proportions. Sure you have to stack the fight in bat cat’s favor otherwise the cosmic scales of the universe will shift and a bunch of comic book fans will lose their minds.

The Joker cat in this photo has done a good job of staring down the camera with a menacing look even the Joker would be proud of. Here’s to hoping Batman cat has at least one good fight in them when Halloween finally arrives.

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