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Top 18 Reasons Cats Follow Us In The Bathroom

No one knows why, however, many cats enjoy spending time in the bathroom, mainly when their owners are using them.

If you have a cat, you understand what I’m saying here. They sniff there, follow you, rub your legs and jump in the sink while you wash your face or hands.

If you know how to get in without your cat, he’ll be standing outside waiting for you.

With everything taken into account, these animals are not safe, but they cannot understand your privacy. Offer to get angry and acknowledge your cat’s unpredictability.

In the end, why do cats follow you in the bathroom? What if we saw why.

1 Cats only know the routine:

Like any cat on this planet, your cat enjoys routine and typical lifestyle habits. When going to the bathroom becomes a daily practice, he’ll start to like it.

Think again ! If you come to clean up every day, your adorable pet will need to be a part of this daily practice just like you. Also, possibly pair it with the meals he receives after that. This regular mood will create a recognizable and relaxed environment, which will help your cat to have a sense of security.

2 cats need your attention:

Cat Look Fur White Amazed Attention Red View

Hope you are fully aware that cats love attention and care. Regarding your kitty, he is quite convinced that when you sit on the toilet is a perfect time to cuddle and stroke. It seems that this strange animal realizes that you cannot move at this time, so this is a perfect opportunity to get your attention enough.

There is no television, other, book, computer, or phone to distract you, which means you can give this time of day to His Majesty the Cat.

3 cats love to take care of their owner

No one understands why, however, cats want to take care of everything you do, even your bathroom exercise. Specialists expect this to be a natural attitude acquired from predecessors who noticed their environmental factors to protect themselves from hunters.

4 your cat only shows you love

If you have one of those cats that likes to lick you off after a shower or a bath, get into the habit that any attempt to stop this attitude will be in vain. Your cat loves you, and this is her way of showing you her friendship. Plus, you’re her source of fun, and your kitty wouldn’t want to miss a thing.

5 cats only want to be with you

Despite the basic belief, most cats enjoy the company of their owners. Your cat should be with you all the time. Okay, that’s anything but a false truth. In fact, your kitten enjoys your company when it feels like it.

Sometimes it seems like the time cats are in the mood to hang out is exactly that time in the bathroom. Your kitten cannot control you while you are outside, however, once you step into the bathroom, you are at least available to them. Treat that!

6 cats like to follow the owner:

Some types of cats enjoy chasing their owners, and that includes their private time in the bathroom. So if your cat is one of this type, get used to his habit at all times.

7 cats look for your scent

Even if you don’t like smells in your bathroom, your cat probably doesn’t have that view. The bedroom smells like you, and that’s reason enough for the kitty to follow you.

8 cats are curious:

You have certainly realized that cats are the most curious animals on the planet. Basically, they can’t stand near a room without checking out what’s going on behind them. In this sense, a closed bathroom door is a challenge!

To you, going to the bathroom can seem like a daily attitude. As you would like to think, you can accomplish something amazing and fun away from her that day without her presence! Additionally, your kitten sees your home as its own territory, and banning access to any part of it will challenge them to check out what’s going on there.

9 cats are bored:

Cats that live in the house aren’t much likely to have fun, especially if you only have one pet. This way, they frequently seek entertainment. Really, what could be nicer than their owner while showering, cleaning with a towel or using toilet paper? This is the perfect opportunity for every cat to try to reach for a bathrobe, or chase the drops, chase the drops, for example .

10 cats are vulnerable

In all fairness, your cat probably views you as an older sibling and a source of security. When you disappear behind a closed bathroom door, your cat can become vulnerable and uncertain. You have to be sure that you are not doing anything that will seduce the hunters and put you both in danger.

11 cats don’t like mysteries

Cat in glasses holding a turquoise book and strictly looks into the camera. Concept of education, knowledge, etc.

A closed bathroom door is a secret to your kitten, and this adorable danger doesn’t like facts they can’t participate in. Everyone trying to do something like this will be a sign to your cat that something is going to start happening. Therefore, he will have to participate.

There is another exciting thing. Since your cat realizes that you will close the door when you walk into the bathroom, she thinks chasing you is the only chance to avoid being outside some exciting activities.

12 cats are looking for a place to play

When you walk into the bathroom, you will remind your cat that he feels really happy playing in it. Most of the things in the bathroom are of interest to these curious animals, and they may think of them as a toy.

Everything, including a curved tub, container of cleanser, toilet paper, drops of water, or a scented, warm towel, may be enough for your cat to play with. The reality that you are there “caught” will only add fun.

13 cats are looking for a place to relax

If you have a long haired cat, they are probably looking for a place to relax, especially after long summer days. As a result, most of them will come with you for some fresh air and enjoy lying on the cold tiles. The best time to do this is in the morning or late at night, while you are using your toilet.

14 cats love warm places

Since cats like warm places, it’s no surprise that they’ll usually follow you to the bathroom when you shower. At this point, it is the warmest space in the house. Remember, wrapping it in your towel makes it the perfect blend of the perfect temperature and your scent. From a cat’s point of view, it can’t find anything better!

15 cats looking for fresh water

Every now and then your strength to buy a quality and extravagant water bowl is in vain. If your cat enjoys drinking tap water, there is nothing you can do about it. The only consequence of your tenacity imaginable will be a dehydrated animal. That way, one of the main reasons your kitten follows you into the bathroom when you go is because they are trying to get some cool water.

If the purchase of an attractive and advantageous drinking fountain does not help, then you need to face defeat and turn on the tap. Plus, don’t panic if you see your kitten licking the wet sink or tub after using it! A few cats enjoy this part, and no one understands why.

16 cats are looking for a litter box

If you keep a cat’s litter box in the bathroom, your kitten may think that sharing the toilet is a great opportunity to get to know each other.

17 the sink reminds cats of the bed

It seems that cats consider the rounded shape of the sink to be a great place for their body. Some even like to sleep there because the freshness of the material will refresh them. Then again, your cat will heat the sink with its body and make it a comfortable bed in the winter.

Despite the fact that you spent a ton of dollars to buy the most recent bed with soft pillows, your cat has their own logic. Plus, that logic sometimes says the sink is the real thing! Your business there is a reward.

18 cats consider such behavior to be normal

It may sound strange to you, however, your cat may not be able to understand your complaints as they don’t see anything unusual spending time with you in the bathroom. He can’t understand that going to the bathroom together is awkward. For this magnificent animal, it is just one more place where it accompanies you. That’s it. Do with it!


Neither feline behaviorists nor vets have a definitive conclusion about why cats like to chase their owners to the bathroom. Overall, it makes no difference which of the listed assumptions is correct. If your cat enjoys spending time with you in the bathroom, you should let it. He will enjoy your company, however, there is also the possibility that he will run out of your presence. In that sense, it might surprise you, drop this boring habit, and give you some security later.


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