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Which cat breeds are considered the smartest?

It is difficult to determine the level of intelligence of a cat. These animals are very independent and self-sufficient, so they will not bring slippers back to the owner or follow orders. This is why it can be difficult to know if a cat understands what you are saying to her. However, there are breeds whose owners and breeders estimate they are above average intelligence. What are the smartest cats?

The smartest cat breeds are believed to be those with a history that spans centuries. Affects Natural Selection and Evolution: In order to survive, one must not only be strong and powerful, but also have dexterity and intelligence. It is impossible not to mention cats that do not have a breed, which often, according to various indicators, can give odds to any aristocrat. But, if you still dream of a purebred thinker, then pay attention to the following breeds:


Owners of cats of this breed assure: their pets are so smart that they can perform tricks. It is very likely that this is so, because the Sphinx is social, and she quickly gets used to the owner and is ready to please him in every possible way. Additionally, these cats are easily trained to shed litter and know exactly the moods of their beloved owner at the moment.

Eastern cat

Incredibly agile and sociable another contender for the “smartest cats” title. A pet of this breed makes many sounds, each of which has a meaning. So, if you are a happy owner of an oriental cat, be sure: it meow for a reason, most likely, the pet wants to tell you something.

Siamese cat

Another rather intelligent species of cats from the Eastern Siamese group – the Siamese. It is believed that the Siamese have a difficult character: they are independent, self-sufficient and can stand up for themselves. However, these pets are very loyal to the owner and are very jealous. But, if the Siamese really like you, be sure this cat will do anything for your love. And to show her feelings, like all intellectuals, she will be in the most frivolous way.

Abyssinian cat

Active Abyssinians will never tire of surprising the owner with their ingenuity and curiosity. They will definitely discover what’s inside the flower pot and how to climb the top of the cupboard. Curiosity resides in the blood of Abyssinia, as well as the ability to hear and hear the owner. This cat feels the mood of the owner and will gladly share with him the fun and sadness.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon’s royal look corresponds to a cat personality who knows their worth. Representatives of the breed, like dogs, understand the owner without further ado. Quiet, majestic and independent, these cats will not play and have fun all day, but they will gladly walk through their property, watching the house. Maine Coon has a great memory. Having offended a cat once, do not expect luck: you will be greeted coldly and arrogantly.

Bengal cat

It is a domestic tiger, and the Bengal cat also claims to be one of the smartest breeds. These cats are very inquisitive, attentive, and emotional. But in order to realize their potential, they must always be with the person. It is imperative to play with them, talk to them, and generally involve them in every way possible.

It is difficult to determine which breed of cats is the smartest. The mental capabilities and intellectual capabilities of a pet do not depend on the origin, but daily activities, communication and training with your pet will allow you to reveal the abilities of the animal.


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